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Prophetic Corner

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1st prophecy – Pastor Kevin Sanford

For the Holy Ghost says this is a day of blessings being poured out on the people of God, but those blessings are only for those who are pressing saith God. So do don’t just ask and then walk away, don’t just knock and leave the door saith God. Ask and keep on asking, knock and keep on knocking, seek and keep on seeking and you will be the finder, saith God. I have many treasures along the path, so don’t stop. Even if you are standing in the path, keep going saith God, keep going in your prayer time, keep going in your believing, keep going.


I am faithful saith the Lord, to complete that which I have begun in you. If I planted a seed in you saith God, I will bring it to fruition. So don’t quit watering the prayer you planted, don’t walk away just because you planted a seed and didn’t see a tree the next day, saith God. Surely something is growing, surely something is happening and your prayers and your water will even expedite the process, because this is the day where trees will grow overnight. This is a powerful thing for answers to prayer. Instead of taking 20 years, they’ll take 2 minutes, saith God. Press in, this is a time of supernatural increase, supernatural growth, this is the time where knowledge is increasing; people are going to and fro. It is a day of the prophecy saith God, it is a day the books are open, it is a day information is available.


You are learning more than you have ever learned as a church, you are growing faster than you have ever grown as a church. My people are learning more than they have ever learned. So press, this is a day for pressing, and press, this is a day for blessing, saith God. So seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be open to you, ask and keep on asking saith God, and you shall receive, says the Holy Ghost.